Training at POLAR

We train - out of tradition. We offer qualified training and good development opportunities in technical and commercial professions. As members of the IHK examination board, our trainers know what matters.
Our training professions:
Mechatronics engineer
You are enthusiastic about technology and like to tinker? Then training as a mechatronics engineer is just the thing for you! This professional field combines various skills from the areas of mechanics and electronics. You will work as an expert for the assembly, programming and maintenance of machines, plants and systems. It is your task to find the solution for various technical problems. Your qualities as a technical all-rounder and lateral thinker are what we need!
Some things you will learn at our company:
• Producing complex mechatronic systems from mechanical, electrical and electronic components
• Assembling components
• System start-up
• Programming and installing software
• Maintaining and servicing systems

What our trainees have to say:
“What was important to me is that the company has a rooted history in successfully qualifying trainees. Plus, it is much more personal here than in larger companies. I also like that it’s nearby.” (Daniel Kunz)

Industrial mechanic
As an industrial mechanic, you will be responsible for maintaining and retrofitting machines for new tasks and for eliminating faults and malfunctions. You ensure compliance with quality standards. It is up to you to make sure the machines remain available and functional. Ultimately, you are responsible for smooth technical workflows.
Some things you will learn at our company:
• Basics of metal processing, such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding for the maintenance and repair of machines and production plants
• Operating computer-controlled machines and monitoring technical systems
• Measuring, testing and maintaining various components

What our trainees have to say:
“I had already heard a lot of interesting things about the traineeship and Polar through stories from employees. My interview confirmed everything I heard, giving me an excellent impression – and I also got the trainee position.” (Dorian Dalef)

Industrial management assistant
As an industrial management assistant, you have the company's business processes under control. You will get to know various commercial departments - from purchasing to sales. You will learn how you can best bring your talents to bear when working on a project, for example in handling quotations. Here, modern technologies and project management methods are used to develop customer-oriented solutions. With your skills, you contribute significantly to successfully handling and realizing our corporate goals.
Some things you will learn at our company:
• Planning, implementing and analyzing business processes
• Acquiring commercial knowledge in purchasing, logistics and sales, finance, accounting and human resources
• Using IT programs, applying presentation and communication techniques
What our trainees have to say:
“As an industrial clerk at Polar Mohr, I work in many different departments, such as accounting, purchasing, shipping or human resources, and provide active support here. Switching departments helps me get to know and understand the interrelationships within the company, from service contracts to annual balance sheets.” (Benedikt Korff )